Prince: I’m so lost, no one can find me “Solo”

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1994’s “Solo” was released on his 15th album “Come”
The track is a poem about loss written by David H. Hwang.
He received a writing co-credit & a Gold album for his efforts but was not paid for his contribution.
The poem was supposed to be part of a stage musical project that was never realized.

So low, the curb looks like a skyscraper
So high, the stars are under me
So quiet, I can hear the blood rushing through my veins
So low, I feel like I’m going insane The angels,
they watch in wonder When you made love to me
Through the rain and the thunder
You cried in ecstacy And you were so kind I felt sorry for all creation
Because at the time, no one was lucky No one was lucky,
no one was lucky as me
And now you’re gone and I just wanna be still So silent,
I’ll just let my senses sleep
It’s going to be so hard to hear my voice
If I ever learn once more to speak
I’m so lost, no one can find me
And I’ve been looking for so long
But now I’m done I’m so low, solo, my name is no-one.

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