“Baby Knows” : Turn a Dog Into a Hound

“Baby Knows” is a track on the “Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic” album released November 2, 1999.  The track features vocals and harmonica from Sheryl Crow.
The song was performed in front of a studio audience on the Apocalypse Tube show in the UK on November 22, 1999, shortly after the album release.

Baby Knows Lyrics:

Baby knows
Baby knows
Baby knows, huh
Baby knows
This funky joint in the city
Where the freaks come out to play
Venezuelan, black and pretty
The kind that make you want to pay, yeah

She got the long dark legs
She got the butt that go round
This kind of poochie make you beg
Turn a dog into a hound

She tell me what I want to hear
She stroke me up and never down
Whispering sexiness in my ear
I’m just a junkie for the sound
She make you call your boys
In a powwow to scope a plan
How to ditch her man in a trunk of a Lexus
A perplexing hex this witch has flexed

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