Who is Better? Prince or Paula Abdul

Did you run out to buy Paula Abdul’s “Spellbound” album in 1991? Me neither.
Prince gave her a track entitled “U.” But perhaps her version should be called “Not U.” Prince’s version of the track entitled “All Eye Want Is U” is unreleased. It’s interesting to hear the two versions of the song. Abdul followed the lyrics exactly, but somehow they sound dramatically different. Listen and judge for yourself.

Prince “All Eye Want Is U” (unreleased version)

Paula Abdul – U

“U” / “All Eye Want Is U” LYRICS:

U – I wanna talk about it
This is not a fantasy
This is fact
If I am the play
I want U in every act
U got a sexy way
About U baby U
U do everything
A body can take
U know U do
All I want is U
U give me a fever of 110
U know U no
Ooh love U as hard as I can
U know I want 2
All I want is U

Ooh baby, here comes the
Private part
U baby what U do to me
U really put it thru 2 me
U a candy-coated carousel
Of kickin’ little
Tickle-me do’s
That really do
Me thru and thru
All I want is U
U make me wanna dance
4 only U
U I do things I never
Thought I’d do
All I want is U
U – I’d give U anything on the
Earth it’s true
Ooh U bounce
The ball U we’re
The 1st, this is true 2
All I want is U
U I could talk about U
All night long
This is not a fantasy
This is fact
All I want is U

ALL EYE WANT IS U mp3 download (unreleased Prince version)

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