Sign O' The Times is a remarkable piece of work. We lowly humans are blessed that our senses can be tickled by the magnificence of Prince.

There are so many delicious items that come with the Sign O' The Times Super Deluxe package that buying it is a must.

The Super Deluxe Edition contains 92 audio tracks, of which 63 are previously unreleased, including 45 studio tracks from the vault.

*The set also includes an entire previously unreleased audio recording of

Prince’s Sign O’ The Times tour performance in Utrecht, Netherlands, on June 20, 1987

*The DVD features a complete previously unreleased recording of Prince’s benefit performance at Paisley Park, December 31st, 1987.

The show includes Prince’s only on-stage collaboration with Miles Davis.

*A 12” 120 page hardback book featuring: liner notes by: Prince’s creative peers and friends including;

Dave Chappelle, Lenny Kravitz, & Prince’s longtime engineer Susan Rogers.

*Rare and previously unseen photography by Jeff Katz

*Prince’s handwritten lyrics

Get it while it is still available!


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1999 Deluxe, the six-disc ‘1999’ Deluxe reissue will make you fall in love with Prince all over again.

Disc 3: Vault Tracks, Part 1 contains previously unreleased tracks recorded between November 1981 to April 1982.

Prince croons Irresistible Bitch without the falsetto. The extended studio tracks also feature delightful studio ad-libs.

Rearrange is Funky, Vagina is mind-blowing.

On Disc 4 -turn 'Purple Music' all the way up in your car. #WorthIt

The entire set is ridiculously awesome.

1999 Deluxe Released & Streaming EVERYWHERE November 29, 2019.

The massive set has *35* previously unreleased tracks,

outtakes/a DVD of two live concerts,

liner notes, rare photos, & P-s hand-written lyrics.

5CD/1DVD: 53.99 at Target/Walmart + plus shipping

or 69.98 Official Prince-Official store

10LP/1DVD Vinyl:

Prince-Official Store $249.98 +$23.82 tax +$7.49 shipping

Prince Originals 2019 Album Cover


Album Available on Amazon

Originals TRACKLIST:

1 Sex Shooter (Apollonia 6) 

2. “Jungle Love (The Time)

3. Manic Monday” (The Bangles)

4. “Noon Rendezvous” (Sheila E.)

5. Make-Up” (Vanity 6)

6. 100 MPH” (Mazarati)

7. You’re My Love” (Kenny Rogers)

8. Holly Rock” (Sheila E.)

9. Baby, You’re A Trip” (Jill Jones)

10. The Glamorous Life” (Sheila E.) 

11. Gigolos Get Lonely Too” (The Time) 

12. Love… Thy Will Be Done” (Martika)  

13. Dear Michaelangelo” (Sheila E.) 

14. Wouldn’t You Love To Love Me?” (Taja Sevelle)

15. Nothing Compares 2 U” (The Family/Sinéad O’Connor)

Originals, the new album featuring 15 previously unreleased Prince-demos started streaming on Tidal June 7, 2019.

The official album release on all streaming services & CD is June 21, 2019.

The collection contains songs Prince-wrote that were later recorded by artists like

The Time ("Gigolos Get Lonely Too") , Vanity 6, Sheila E., the Bangles, & Apollonia 6. 

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