Prince is one of the most underrated musical geniuses of our time. But his work has remained unrecognized and generally hidden from the masses since the early 90’s. The artist himself yanked his work from radio airplay and any mainstream internet sources. But there are so many die-hard Purple-Army members who know the true value and genius of his music and work tirelessly to introduce new generations to his music.

‘Free’ is one of those hidden gems from the ‘1999’ album.
The title track and ‘Little Red Corvette’ are so memorable people tend to forget the rest of the album.
Every song on ‘1999’ is a certified masterpiece. The music videos for both “1999” and “Little Red Corvette” were significant because they were the first videos from a black artist to be put in heavy rotation on MTV.

If you listen closely to ‘Free’ you can hear the passion in his voice.
What, at first, seems like avid patriotism is really sage wisdom about life gift-wrapped as a deliciously moving booster-shot to our souls.

Prince rarely played ‘Free’ live in concert after the 1980’s.
This 2007 clip is rare and it shows just how much the song lyrics meant to him.
Similarly, true die-hard followers have heartfelt affinity for the track as Prince croons about not allowing the ‘lonely monster’ take control of you.
Prince uses the lyrics to grab hold of the listener by expressing a familiar human feeling no one wants to admit they have. Prince gave his listeners permission to feel the type of loneliness he had experienced himself.  He also gave them a strategy to deal with the emotion by expressing enough gratitude to overpower the monster and keep it from taking control of our souls.


Don’t sleep until the sunrise, listen to the falling rain
Don’t worry about tomorrow, don’t worry about your pain
Don’t cry unless you’re happy, don’t smile unless you’re blue
Never let that lonely monster take control of you

Be glad that you are free
Free to change your mind
Free to go most anywhere, anytime
Be glad that you are free
There’s many a man who’s not
Be glad for what you had baby, what you’ve got
Be glad for what you’ve got

[Verse 2]
I know your heart is beating, my drummer tells me so
If you take your life for granted, your beating heart will go
So don’t sleep until you’re guilty, because sinners all are we
There’s others doing far worse than us, so be glad that you are free


[Verse 3]
Soldiers are a marching, they’re writing brand new laws
Will we all fight together for the most important cause?
Will we all fight for the right to be free?
Free (Be glad that you are free)
Free to change my mind (Free to change your mind)
Free to go most anywhere, anytime (Free to go most anywhere,anytime)
I’m just glad, I’m just glad I’m free, yeah (Be glad that you are free)
There’s many a man who’s not (There’s many a man who’s not)
Glad for what I had baby, (Be glad for what you had and)
Glad for what I got, oh yeah (for what you’ve got)
Oh I’m just glad, I’m just glad I’m free,yeah (Be glad that you are free)
Free to change my mind (Free to change your mind)
Free to go most anywhere, anytime (Free to go most anywhere,anytime)
(Be glad that you are free)
(There’s many a man who’s not)
I’m so… (Be glad for what you had and for)
(what you’ve got)

An Emotional😢 Prince4ever in 2007 ‘Free’ 💜

I’d 💜 2 hear ur story about why ‘Free’ is so special 4u


  1. People have favorite songs. They never wonder why they instantly like a song. Because this is the seventh time around, and you recognize it immediately. Free is one of many favorites! On my top 5 for Prince. In life youre so enslaved that you’re not happy until you die. I’m life, you’re so stressed that you don’t get a good night’s sleep until it’s your last. then they tell you “rest in peace.” Why can’t I live in peace? Why can’t I sleep in peace ? Why are you wanting me to owe you? Too be indebted? Slaved. Free is hopeful. If not, to me it kinda guides you how you should react in a life of chaos. To save your smiles for when you’re sad. And your tears for when you’re happy. (*This is not what I meant by comments… meant more like email.) The real third eye would go to Prince when she thought he was alone. He never returned the favor when he was “blessed ” with a replacement and she was alone. I forget how she passed the time apart… I don’t want to remember that… Hmm… Keep side~tracking my own reply. I like free because it’s true. You should be able to go almost anywhere on Earth that you want. I’ve been detained by immigration… One of MANY DUMB things in this THING called life. Who are THEY to draw lines?! Free is how it’s meant. You don’t have to post this. Mood: Blah~

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