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‘When Doves Cry’ vs ‘When Thugs Cry’

Recently, Joey Bada$$ covered a sampling of “When Doves Cry” which is the ‘Holy Grail” of Prince fan favorites. He held the session for Australian radio station triple J’s “Like a Version” series. His version of the classic is called “When Thugs Cry.”   Triple J’s site says: Joey chose the song because “To this day my mom is the biggest Prince, she always played Prince around the house, put me on to Prince at such an early age. Me and her we used to always sing ‘When Doves Cry’ together, so I made my own version. It’s called ‘When Thugs Cry’.” … Continue reading‘When Doves Cry’ vs ‘When Thugs Cry’

Prince After Overdose: ‘I Had to Fight for My Life’

During an emergency landing in Moline, IL on April 15, 2016 Prince told Judith Hill; “It’s only by God’s grace that I’m even here…I had to fight for my life. I remember hearing your voices from afar and saying to myself, ‘Follow the voices, follow the voices, get back in your body, you gotta do this.” … Continue readingPrince After Overdose: ‘I Had to Fight for My Life’

Free: Rarely Performed Live After the 80s

If you listen closely to ‘Free’ you can hear the passion in his voice.
What, at first, seems like avid patriotism is really sage wisdom about life gift-wrapped as a deliciously moving booster-shot to our souls. Don’t sleep til sunrise, listen 2 the falling rain.
Don’t worry about tomorrow, don’t worry about ur pain.
Don’t cry unless ur happy, don’t smile unless ur blue.
Never let that lonely monster take control of U.
An Emotional Free. … Continue readingFree: Rarely Performed Live After the 80s


‘Do Me Baby’ Prince & Miko Weaver: The Dynamic Duo

The Nude Tour is described as a greatest-hits concert tour of 1990-91. The tour featured the remaining members from The Revolution & uber talented guitarist Miko Weaver.
Miko Weaver came to the attention of Prince when he was a member of Sheila E.’s band. He was also picked to provide guitar for ‘The Family.’
When The Family dissolved, Weaver, stayed on for the Sign o’ the Times and Lovesexy tours. Weaver also participated in many studio sessions during this time. … Continue reading‘Do Me Baby’ Prince & Miko Weaver: The Dynamic Duo

The Mystery Behind “The Black Album”

In 1987, it became one of the most bootlegged albums ever.  This after Prince pulled the plug on the project one week before it was set to be released. The problem was most promotional copies had already gone out and the album became an exclusive sought-after item that fans searched for like buried treasure. Fans weren’t sure if Warner Brothers or Prince scrapped the project, they just wanted to hear whatever was being hidden from them. … Continue readingThe Mystery Behind “The Black Album”