God Made Us All Equally Then He Made Prince




God was released as the b-side of Purple Rain in 1984. The single is also known as the “Love Theme From Purple Rain” because a 7:54 instrumental version can be heard in the movie.
In 1993, the vocal version was included on The B-Sides compilation.
Critics call “God” overtly religious and one of Prince’s most religious tracks because the opening lines site lines from Genesis, the first book of the Bible.
Prince was known for weaving religious themes throughout his work. It wasn’t the first time he mentioned God in a track, and because of his strong religious conviction, it wouldn’t be the last.

In the beginning, there was God
He made the earth, and the heavens
He gave us light to rule the day
And another light to rule the night

The Lord, thy God
Made, He made the seas
He made the fruit upon the trees
When He saw, when He saw that it was good

He made a man, made a man
Only He could, only He could
God made you
God made me too
He made us all
Made us all equally

Now you say
God made you
God made me
He made us all equally

Wake up children
Dance the Dance Electric
There isn’t much time
Who screamed?
Was it you?

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