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When tycoon Ed Wuncler invites the Freemans to his garden party, Huey hopes to shock his white wealthy neighbors with his brand of "the truth". But things don't go as planned

Huey disagrees with Riley regarding the R. Kelly case.

Huey and Riley team up to convince Granddad that his new girlfriend is actually a prostitute who is after his money

After getting beaten up by the mean and blind Col. Stinkmeaner, a humiliated Granddad wants a rematch.



When Tom is wrongfully accused for murder, Huey and Riley enlist the help of Ed III and his friend, Gin Rummy to find the real killer.

Riley visits his favorite rapper, Gangstalicious, who's been shot and hospitalized. But is he really a "gangsta?"

Huey's teacher gives him full creative control over the schools Christmas play.

Riley convinces Granddad to pretend he is blind so that Xzibit will pimp their ride. Huey is being stalked by a government agent. Or is it just his imagination?

Martin Luther King comes out of a 32-year coma and Huey helps him to readjust. But Dr. King finds that his peaceful philosophy is no longer accepted in post-9/11 America.

When Granddad and Ed Wuncler open a soul-food restaurant, it ends up having a terrible effect on Woodcrest.

Riley, Ed III and Rummy set out to kidnap Oprah Winfrey and it's up to Huey to stop them.

An eccentric art teacher encourages Riley to express himself through graffiti. Huey watches nothing but shows with black people for two weeks to see if it has any negative side effects.

When one of Grandad's army buddies, Moe, dies, he and the boys return home to Chicago for the funeral. On the way there it is revealed that Grandad and Moe had a bad falling out over a girl. Huey is excited to be home in hopes of seeing his old friend Cairo, but finds out that he wants nothing to do with Huey.

Jazmine learns a harsh lesson about capitalism when her lemonade stand becomes a subsidiary of Wuncler, Inc.

Ruckus' message of hating black people in order to get into White Heaven catches on. Huey tries to save a radical who was wrongly convicted of murder from being executed.

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