THE X’S FACE #PRINCE Released March 2015

The song is featured on his thirty-eighth studio album “Hit n Run Phase One.” The album was first released exclusively on the Tidal on September 7, 2015.
So, which X is he talking about?
Who knows! #Prince has too many to count.

#Prince used a banana analogy in “Let’s Go Crazy” with the line “Look for the purple banana til they put us in the truck.”
He references a banana again in “X’s Face.”
The lyric: “Go on and take that banana, take it. Get it, I said you can have it” sounds like he’s calling his X a promiscuous opportunist & that she was way too busy being vicious to realize she was being set up.

Have you heard any other interpretations?

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Watch “Who Needs Enemies When You’ve Got Friends (Nice Cast 2UR Smart Screen TV)” on YouTube


A few months ago or maybe it was years,
twas a heartbreak, so many tears
How is she gonna make it out here on her own
A body like that should never be alone
A kiss on the stairway, another man’s embrace
How was she to know just what was taking place
Too busy with the jugular and how it tastes
To remember what she saw in the x’s face
The x’s face
The x’s face
Long time ago or maybe yesterday
You and I in a chariot on our way
To a purple celebration from what we learn
That for every battle won there are scars and burns
For every broken heart there is another will mend
Who needs enemies when you’ve got friends
For every open door there is something in the way
last time we checked it was the x’s face
The x’s face
Everybody know about the x’s face
Black don’t crack, beige don’t age
Gone take that banana then get back to your cage
Oh lawd

The x’s face
Gone and take that banana, take it
The ex’s face
Get it, I said you can have it
The x’s face

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