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Prince Fan Favorite Adonis & Bathsheba Never Released

“Adonis & Bathsheba” is an unreleased track written and recorded by Prince on July 27, 1986. The song is a favorite among fans who were given the opportunity to vote on a number of tracks selected to be included on Crystal Ball Volume II. “Adonis & Bathsheba” was one of several song choices Prince played for fans during a Paisley Park event called “Prince: A Celebration” in June 2000. However, the project never made it to the public. … Continue readingPrince Fan Favorite Adonis & Bathsheba Never Released


Is Prince’s “Da Bourgeoisie” About Vanity?

Behold the deliciousness of the Prince track “Da Bourgeoisie.” The track was unofficially released online through the 3rdeyegirl twitter account on November 18, 2013.
In “Da Bourgeoisie” Prince croons about a lover leaving him for a woman. Download the FREE MP3 of “Da Bourgeoisie” here. … Continue readingIs Prince’s “Da Bourgeoisie” About Vanity?

Prince “Somewhere Here on Earth”

Prince looked like perfection as he performed ‘Somewhere Here On Earth’ on Jay Leno. His makeup was flawless and his hair looked like it had been cut and styled by angels. The 2009 Jay Leno performance came almost two years after the release of Prince’s thirty-second album “Planet Earth.” … Continue readingPrince “Somewhere Here on Earth”

‘Kiss’ Was Almost Dumped as A Prince Single

“Kiss was a runaway hit considering the fact that Warner Brothers didn’t want to release it as a single after Prince added it to “Parade” at the last minute.
Admitedly the track had humble beginnings. A Warner Brothers executive reportedly described the song being “done in a basement”. … Continue reading‘Kiss’ Was Almost Dumped as A Prince Single

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