Prince: Originals Album Review

Originals album reviews have been positive overall while “100 MPH” and “Baby, You’re a Trip” are named as top favorites for most fans on our unofficial Instagram poll.
The ultimate eargasm is hearing Prince belt out a sultry falsetto on “Sex Shooter,” “Noon Rendezvous,” and “The Glamorous Life.”
Many of the artists who recorded Prince tracks stayed true to his artistic vision, so the songs sound almost identical to the way Prince presented them. … Continue readingPrince: Originals Album Review


Horny Toad

Prince had the confidence and nerve to pull back the covers and expose everyone’s deepest desires in plain sight as he croons about being nastier than you ever imagined. His lyrical poetry paired with superior musicianship only secured his legion of lifelong fans. Prince reassured fans that the human condition is universal. He became the voice of those to timid to speak their own truth. #Prince4ever … Continue readingHorny Toad


Under the Cherry Moon: Cringy or Classic?

After the success of the movie Purple Rain, Warner Brothers was so confident in their new star that they green-lit the next Prince movie without ever seeing a script. That movie was Under the Cherry Moon. The film was riddled with setbacks and cast changes. Also, Prince wanted to shoot the film in black and white even though the studio was against it. The movie critics were vicious but some softened their views less than 24 hours after his death. … Continue readingUnder the Cherry Moon: Cringy or Classic?


‘Do Me Baby’ Prince & Miko Weaver: The Dynamic Duo

The Nude Tour is described as a greatest-hits concert tour of 1990-91. The tour featured the remaining members from The Revolution & uber talented guitarist Miko Weaver.
Miko Weaver came to the attention of Prince when he was a member of Sheila E.’s band. He was also picked to provide guitar for ‘The Family.’
When The Family dissolved, Weaver, stayed on for the Sign o’ the Times and Lovesexy tours. Weaver also participated in many studio sessions during this time. … Continue reading‘Do Me Baby’ Prince & Miko Weaver: The Dynamic Duo


Nona Gaye & The Scandalous One 

Nona Gaye says ‘I just thought he was beautiful’ and she fell for him as most women did.
Although they dated for three years, Nona says she never really knew the man she was dating. But when they broke up she says her ‘heart was shattered’.  Her story is gut-wrenching and familiar for any woman who has ever had her heart-broken. … Continue readingNona Gaye & The Scandalous One 


On Valentine’s day 2019 (2/14) the Prince Estate revealed new @Prince Twitter and Instagram accounts.
Previous posts from the official @Prince pages have been archived to new accounts labeled @PRNlegacy.
The Prince Estate has also launched a new library of 1,700 official images with GIPHY at ( … Continue readingPRINCE: THE DEATH OF AN ICON: ON SOCIAL MEDIA

The Song Prince Recorded Just to Make a Woman Laugh

The slang Poom Poom or Pum Pum has many different connotations. In Jamaica, it can mean bum/butt or sex in general.  The slang means different things to different people.
Most interpret the slang or use it to refer to female genitalia. Whatever the case Prince liked the term so much he created an entire song about it just to make a woman laugh. … Continue readingThe Song Prince Recorded Just to Make a Woman Laugh

Prince Ensemble Nets $108,800 at Auction

The metallic blue ensemble Prince wore during his Rave Un2 the Year 2000 concert film was one of the top items at the Julien’s Auctions event held Friday, May 18, 2018.
Prince’s former wife Mayte Garcia also auctioned off a laminated photo of Prince when he was 10 years old and a five-piece set of Lenox china custom made for their February 14, 1996 wedding.
But Garcia isn’t the only one offering up Prince memorabilia for auction.
A surprising roster of close associates, employees, and friends are offering auction collections. … Continue readingPrince Ensemble Nets $108,800 at Auction

Prince Secret 2011 Love Letter Revealed

Prince saved a syrupy sweet love letter written to him in 2011.
The letter was photographed by police shortly after Prince died & released the week of his two year death anniversary April 21, 2018.
The love letter Prince received says says: “I will never forget these last 2 nights,” & “I’m in love with you.” … Continue readingPrince Secret 2011 Love Letter Revealed

The Second Coming Unreleased film gif 17MB size made by Princefan046

Prince & The Second Coming: It won’t be long… hopefully

“The Second Coming” is an unreleased treasure that is reportedly still in the vault. Prince had planned to release an album and film of the same title however, the project was abandoned shortly after the Controversy tour ended in 1982. The unreleased track “The Second Coming” was played over the PA systems before live Controversy tour concerts. The track has a distinct gospel feel while the lyrics make a political statement about gun control. The harmony is absolutely spine tingling. … Continue readingPrince & The Second Coming: It won’t be long… hopefully

Does Purple Rain Make You Emotional?

A simple piano version of “Purple Rain” is also the last song Prince played live as the closing number for his April 14, 2016 concert at the Fox Theater in Atlanta. He died a week later.
Most fans try not to imagine him being physically gone because he lives on through his music and the many lives he touched. Die-hard fans continue to honor his work and work to create a new generations of fans. If you’re reading this you are probably one of them. … Continue readingDoes Purple Rain Make You Emotional?

Prince Purple Rain Tour gif made by Princefan046

Purple Rain Live Tour 1985 Exclusive Free Download

Prince performed “Prince and the Revolution: Live” in Syracuse, NY at the University Carrier Dome on March 30, 1985. (free download)
The show was broadcast live throughout Europe as part of the 15th “Rock Night” live TV concert series. The two-hour show starts with “Let’s Go Crazy” and ends with an epic 20-minute version of “Purple Rain” with a 10-minute guitar solo. … Continue readingPurple Rain Live Tour 1985 Exclusive Free Download

Graffiti Bridge: Maybe it Will Take People 30 Years to Get it

Was Graffiti Bridge terrible? For years Prince fans have struggled with this one. When the bad reviews rolled in Prince famously said:
“(It was) one of the purest, most spiritual, uplifting things I’ve ever done. It was non-violent, positive and had no blatant sex scenes. Maybe it will take people 30 years to get it. They trashed The Wizard of Oz at first, too.” … Continue readingGraffiti Bridge: Maybe it Will Take People 30 Years to Get it

The Ladder Between Prince & His Father

“The Ladder” is from the 1985 album”Around the World in a Day.” Prince said he gave co-writing credit to his father John L. Nelson because he based “The Ladder” on a chord sequence his father often used. “The Independent” wrote a summary of the troubled relationship between the two as Prince laid his father to rest in August 2001. … Continue readingThe Ladder Between Prince & His Father

Who is Better? Prince or Paula Abdul

Did you run out to buy Paula Abdul’s “Spellbound” album in 1991? Me neither.
Prince gave her a track entitled “U.” But perhaps her version should be called “Not U.” Prince’s version of the track entitled “All Eye Want Is U” is unreleased. It’s interesting to hear the two versions of the song. Abdul followed the lyrics exactly, but somehow they sound dramatically different. Listen and judge for yourself. … Continue readingWho is Better? Prince or Paula Abdul

Vintage Prince Auction Items Earn More Than $400,000

Several vintage Prince photographs, mementos, and a sealed copy of “The Black Album” earned more than $400,000 at auction in February 2018. Boston-based RR Auction opened bidding from February 8 to February 15.
The top five Prince auction items earned more than $130,000 alone.  The highest bid was for a rare sealed copy of “The Black Album” which went for more than $42,000. … Continue readingVintage Prince Auction Items Earn More Than $400,000

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