“The Ladder” is from the 1985 album”Around the World in a Day.” Prince said he gave co-writing credit to his father John L. Nelson because he based “The Ladder” on a chord sequence his father often used. “The Independent” wrote a summary of the troubled relationship between the two as Prince laid his father to rest in August 2001.

From the “Independent” August 31, 2001:

John L. Nelson, pianist: born 1916; three times married; died Minneapolis, Minnesota 25 August 2001.

The jazz pianist John Nelson was the father of the enigmatic pop star Prince, and was a major influence on his son, who was named Prince Rogers Nelson after the Prince Rogers Trio, his father’s combo.

Prince saw his father perform when he was five years old and never quite recovered from the excitement. “It was great, I couldn’t believe it. People were screaming. From then on I think I wanted to be a musician,” the singer said in one of his rare interviews. While he attributed the “wild side” of his character to his mother, the singer Mattie Shaw, Prince described his father as “real serene. It takes music to get him going.”

Born in Louisiana in 1916, John Nelson had moved to Minneapolis in the Fifties to escape the racism of the South. Quiet and soft-spoken, Nelson lived for his music but couldn’t quite earn a proper living from it. In 1955, when he married Mattie Shaw, who had been singing part-time with the Prince Rogers Trio, Nelson took a job as a plastic moulder at Honeywell Electronics in Minneapolis. Nelson had two daughters and a son from his first marriage, while Shaw had a son from a previous relationship. Prince was born in 1958 and his sister Tyka two years later.

Realizing both Tyka and Prince were musically inclined, Nelson encouraged them and Prince blossomed, writing his first tune, “Funk Machine” on his father’s piano when he was seven. Nelson and Shaw separated in 1968, divorcing two years later. Prince recalls how he played the piano “to fill the void. When I was 12, I ran away for the first time because of problems with my stepfather [Haywood Baker]. I went to live with my real father but that didn’t last too long because he’s as stubborn as I am. I lived with my aunt for a while. I was constantly running from family to family.”

Nelson had bought Prince an electric guitar but, when he caught his teenage son with a girlfriend, he threw him out. The pair were eventually reconciled in the early Eighties. During rehearsals for the 1983 tour which promoted the album 1999, Nelson jammed with his son as well as with Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman from The Revolution, Prince’s backing group. The resulting track, “Computer Blue”, featured in the film Purple Rain (1984). Its soundtrack album sold 10 million copies in the US alone and cemented Prince’s superstar status around the world.


Once upon a time in the land of Sin-a-plenty
There lived a king who didn’t deserve to be
He knew not where he came from
Nor where he was going
He never once said thank you, never please

Now this king he had a subject named Electra
Who loved him with a passion, uncontested
4 him each day she had a smile
But it didn’t matter
The king was looking for the ladder

Everybody’s looking for the ladder
Everybody wants salvation of the soul
The steps you take are no easy road
But the reward is great
For those who want to go

A feeling of self-worth (everybody’s looking)
Will caress you (for the answers)
The size of the whole wide world will decrease (how the story started)
(and how it will end)
The love of God’s creation will undress you
And time spent alone my friend, will cease

Everybody’s looking for the answers
How the story started and how it will end
What’s the use in half a story, half a dream
You have to climb all of the steps in between



Did you cop that Paula Abdul album “Spellbound” in 1991? Me neither.
Prince gave her a track entitled “U.” But perhaps her version should be called “Not U.”
Prince’s version of the track entitled “All Eye Want Is U” is unreleased. It’s interesting to hear the two versions of the song. Abdul followed the lyrics exactly, but somehow they sound dramatically different. Judge for yourself.

Prince “All Eye Want Is U” (unreleased version)

Paula Abdul – U

“U” / “All Eye Want Is U” LYRICS:

U – I wanna talk about it
This is not a fantasy
This is fact
If I am the play
I want U in every act
U got a sexy way
About U baby U
U do everything
A body can take
U know U do
All I want is U
U give me a fever of 110
U know U no
Ooh love U as hard as I can
U know I want 2
All I want is U

Ooh baby, here comes the
Private part
U baby what U do to me
U really put it thru 2 me
U a candy-coated carousel
Of kickin’ little
Tickle-me do’s
That really do
Me thru and thru
All I want is U
U make me wanna dance
4 only U
U I do things I never
Thought I’d do
All I want is U
U – I’d give U anything on the
Earth it’s true
Ooh U bounce
The ball U we’re
The 1st, this is true 2
All I want is U
U I could talk about U
All night long
This is not a fantasy
This is fact
All I want is U

ALL EYE WANT IS U mp3 download (unreleased Prince version)

Vintage Prince Photographs, Handwritten Notes, & Letters: Up For Auction Feb. 8, 2018

Several original Prince vintage photographs, handwritten notes, & letters are up for auction.


One photo shows Prince during a free concert for deaf students at Gallaudet University in 1984. The concert featured sign language & allowed deaf students to feel vibrations from his music.


Prince during a free concert for deaf students at Gallaudet University in 1984.

Another item: A handwritten response to a letter Prince received from a 10-year-old fan. Prince wrote: “I hope u like ‘Purple Rain,’ it’s a good movie. But don’t listen 2 the swear words.”

RR Auction set Feb. 08, 2018 for opening bidding for the Prince Auction items. Bidding ends Feb. 15, 2018.



Prince wrote: “I hope u like ‘Purple Rain,’ it’s a good movie. But don’t listen 2 the swear words.”

Prince letter to Tracy Abernathy, in full:

“Thank u 4 your letter. It’s a good feeling 2 know that one’s work is appreciated by others. It’s the main thing that keeps me working. And if I ever make a video with 10-year-olds in ’em, you’re invited. (smile) I would love a picture of u. Don’t worry about what they look like. I take bad pictures all the time. I hope u like ‘Purple Rain,’ it’s a good movie. But don’t listen 2 the swear words. Happy Birthday, and don’t forget 2 say your prayers. God loves u.”

The letter is included in a collection of items from Prince’s assistant tour manager Gwen Leeds. Tracy Abernathy was the niece of Gwen and Alan Leeds, the husband-and-wife tour managers for Prince. The letter was reportedly received by Abernathy the week following the debut of Purple Rain.


“17 Days” or as copyrighted: “17 Days (The Rain Will Come Down, Then U Will Have 2 Choose If U Believe. Look 2 The Dawn And U Shall Never Lose)” was released as the b-side of “When Doves Cry.”

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“Baby Knows” : Turn a Dog Into a Hound

“Baby Knows” is a track on the “Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic” album released November 2, 1999.  The track features vocals and harmonica from Sheryl Crow.
The song was performed in front of a studio audience on the Apocalypse Tube show in the UK on November 22, 1999, shortly after the album release.

Baby Knows Lyrics:

Baby knows
Baby knows
Baby knows, huh
Baby knows
This funky joint in the city
Where the freaks come out to play
Venezuelan, black and pretty
The kind that make you want to pay, yeah

She got the long dark legs
She got the butt that go round
This kind of poochie make you beg
Turn a dog into a hound

She tell me what I want to hear
She stroke me up and never down
Whispering sexiness in my ear
I’m just a junkie for the sound
She make you call your boys
In a powwow to scope a plan
How to ditch her man in a trunk of a Lexus
A perplexing hex this witch has flexed

Adonis & Bathsheba

Adonis & Bathsheba is an unreleased track recorded July 27, 1986.
Adonis and Bathsheba
During Prince: A Celebration in June 2000 fans at Paisley Park Studios selected “Adonis & Bathsheba” to be included on Crystal Ball Volume II. But the project never made it to the public. (see link below)

Adonis & Bathsheba is an interesting title. Both are figures of extreme beauty, one from the bible and the other from Greek mythology. The lyrics tell a sensual story of these two trying to find the perfect place for their love. But with no bed, they ultimately decide to love where they stand.

Bathsheba means “daughter of the oath” in Hebrew. In the Old Testament of the Bible Bathsheba was married to Uriah the Hittite.
Bathsheba is described as having great beauty. She was so beautiful that when King David saw her bathing from his roof & had to have her. King David seduced her and made her pregnant, so he arranged to have her husband killed in battle & then married her.

An Adonis is a very handsome man, especially a young one. Adonis in Greek mythology the eternally youthful god of beauty and desire. Adonis was a handsome young shepherd killed while hunting a wild boar. The anemone flower is said to have sprung from his blood. Because he was loved by Aphrodite, Zeus allowed him to be restored to life for part of each year.

Adonis & Bathsheba Lyrics

To an orgy in a garden of flowers Adonis and Bathsheba flew
All of creation awaits them, a flowing dance by the crystal blue.
A stream of desire & erotic rebellion parades thru their hearts and minds.
They look at one another as much as they don’t. To touch is their need, to love they are blind
To love they are blind
An abandoned gazebo houses what looks to be a perfect place.
They undress as they’re running, Bathsheba crying
Adonis sweat upon his face
For them there is no morning, only night decisions so grand.
There is no bed, how will they ever love?
They decide to stand
No bed, they decide to stand
Adonis & Bathsheba in a garden of flowers, in a garden of love.

Link for mp3 download


Prince & “Da Bourgeoisie”

Behold the deliciousness of “Da Bourgeoisie.”

The track was *unofficially* released (with a download link) via the 3rdeyegirl Twitter account in November 18, 2013. (now deleted).

The track is about a lover leaving him for a woman. “Da Bourgeoisie” has some *all up in his feelings* lyrics like:

“I see you’re undercover like a C.I.A…. I guess a man is only good for a rainy day, I got the receipt baby…but where’s the guarantee, I forgot-you’re fake as a Christmas tree, &I wish I never kissed your lips bearded lady.”

Some say the track was about Vanity but only he really knows. Regardless, the track is still way too funky to ignore!

(see dwnload link below lyrics)

#Prince4ever #Princerogersnelson #PurpleArmy

Lyrics “Da Bourgeoisie”

Yesterday you was kicking it with another girl
You was all wrapped up around her waist
Last time I checked, you said you left the dirty world
Well, it appears that wasn’t the case
Hey, I see you’re undercover like a C.I.A,
Snatch a little wig from another bouquet
(That’s french)
I guess a man is only good for a rainy day
Or maybe you’re just another bearded lady at the cabaret!
Ray Charles even saw you in the past before he saw me
‘Cause nothing like you ever last for eternity
I got the receipt baby
But where’s the guarantee
I forgot, you’re fake as a Christmas tree
I wish I never kissed your lips bearded lady
Oh, wee Baby
I wish I never kissed your l, aaah!
Doesn’t erase the memory
Slippery lips of da bourgeoisie
Everybody step right up, come and see
The bearded lady take me up to G!
Yesterday you was kicking it with another girl
You was all wrapped up around her waist
Last time I checked, you said you left the dirty world
Well, it appears that wasn’t the case
Hey, I see you’re undercover like a C.I.A
Oh, no more rainy days
Just another bearded lady at the cabaret
Just another bearded lady at the cabaret
Just another bearded lady at the cabaret.

MP3 Download link ENJOY!


Prince “Somewhere Here on Earth”

Prince “Somewhere here on earth”  2009


(See clip below)

“Somewhere Here On Earth”
From the Album “Planet Earth”
Released July 15, 2007

I know you are out there
I can feel your eyes on me
Seen that face a thousand times
If only in my dreams
I know you really want me
I can feel your hands on me
I really want to touch you to
In a way I’m much to shy to speak
And even though
I’m all alone
For what it’s worth
You’re somewhere here on Earth
And I like it
I know you’re out there
I can feel you getting closer to me
I’m just wondering what you’re waiting for
You know I am free
In this digital age, you could just page me
I know it’s the rage, but it just don’t engage me
I like the face to face
Do you want to do this at yours, or my place?
It’s been so long
Since I been with somebody
Like a million years
Now you’re here on Earth
You’re here, you’re here
Somewhere here on Earth
And I like it, I like it
I know you hear me
Like a whisper in your ear
You don’t have to fear me
You’re everything I hold so dear
I know you already love me
You’re probably just to cool to say
Somebody somewhere put you down
But that’s ok, that’s ok
‘Cause whatever you feel
It’s time to heal
No, no more hurt
As long as I’m here on Earth.


Why Warner Brothers Didn’t Want to Release ‘Kiss’ as a Prince Single

“Kiss was a runaway hit considering the fact that Warner Brothers didn’t want to release it as a single after Prince added it to “Parade” at the last minute.
Admitedly the track had humble beginnings. A Warner Brothers executive reportedly described the song being “done in a basement”.

Here’s the story: “Kiss” started as a one minute acoustic demo that Prince gave to the funk band Mazarati for their debut album. Mazarati and producer David Z did some major surgery to the simple track and stripped it down to the bare minimum then delivered it back to Prince.
When Prince heard the updated version he thought it was so good he took it back for himself.
(Cause he’s Prince) He replaced their lead vocal, added the guitar break in the chorus and played his own drums. Originally, the song had a bassline to be congruent with other tracks on the album but was removed. Mazarati were credited for their backing vocals, which Prince left intact.

You don’t have to be beautiful to turn me on
I just need your body, baby, from dusk ’til dawn
You don’t need experience to turn me out
You just leave it all up to me, I’m gonna show you what it’s all about

You don’t have to be rich to be my girl
You don’t have to be cool to rule my world
Ain’t no particular sign I’m more compatible with
I just want your extra time and your kiss

[Verse 2]
You got to not talk dirty, baby, if you wanna impress me
You can’t be too flirty, mama, I know how to undress me
I want to be your fantasy, maybe you could be mine
You just leave it all up to me, we could have a good time

You don’t have to be rich to be my girl
You don’t have to be cool to rule my world
Ain’t no particular sign I’m more compatible with
I just want your extra time and your kiss

Yes, oh, I think I wanna dance, uh
Gotta, gotta, oh
Little Girl Wendy’s Parade
Gotta, gotta, gotta

[Verse 3]
Women, not girls, rule my world, I said they rule my world
Act your age, mama, not your shoe size, maybe we could do the twirl
You don’t have to watch Dynasty to have an attitude
You just leave it all up to me, my love will be your food

You don’t have to be rich to be my girl
You don’t have to be cool to rule my world
Ain’t no particular sign I’m compatible with!
I just want your extra time and your kiss


God Made Us All Equally ~ Prince

God was released as the b-side of Purple Rain in 1984. The single is also known as the “Love Theme From Purple Rain” because a 7:54 instrumental version can be heard in the movie.
In 1993, the vocal version was included on The B-Sides compilation.
Critics call “God” overtly religious and one of Prince’s most religious tracks because the opening lines site lines from Genesis, the first book of the Bible.
Prince was known for weaving religious themes throughout his work. It wasn’t the first time he mentioned God in a track, and because of his strong religious conviction, it wouldn’t be the last.

In the beginning, there was God
He made the earth, and the heavens
He gave us light to rule the day
And another light to rule the night

The Lord, thy God
Made, He made the seas
He made the fruit upon the trees
When He saw, when He saw that it was good

He made a man, made a man
Only He could, only He could
God made you
God made me too
He made us all
Made us all equally

Now you say
God made you
God made me
He made us all equally

Wake up children
Dance the Dance Electric
There isn’t much time
Who screamed?
Was it you?

Rare Clip of “The Artist” Jamming with Lenny Kravitz in 1994

“The Artist” jams with Lenny Kravitz at The Palladium in New York on July 13, 1994. (In 1994 Prince had changed his name and was known as “The Artist”)
Both musicians are incredibly talented and this 1994 clip of them jamming to “Peach” doesn’t really show the range of what they both can do.
Lenny tries to follow the patterns but just like everyone else who tried to jam with Prince, he just has to guess what the cues are and hope for the best.
In the video, Lenny stands close to Prince in an attempt to hear the music and match the notes. But I imagine trying to play with the master is not only intimidating but extremely difficult if you don’t get any cues ahead of time. Near the end of the video Prince seemed to get tired of playing it safe and showed out as he always does!

The two musicians played together countless times. Lenny Kravitz says Prince was one of his biggest influences, and also one of his dearest friends.
Kravitz says he met Prince in 1990 shortly after his rock anthem “Let Love Rule” topped the charts.

Kravitz told Rolling Stone:

“We played music together quite a bit. When I was on tour, he would show up and play. Most of this was before camera and video cellphones, so there’s not a lot out there of it. But if we were a couple of cities apart on tour, we’d do an after-show together at a club. It was fun since we’d jump around to different instruments. I’d play drums and he’d play guitar and then I’d come and play guitar and he’d play bass or keyboards. I would sing. He would sing. Those were fun times.
Over the years have hung out all over the world, playing together at many late-night after-parties and Paisley Park jam sessions.”

The most noteworthy time the two played together was the “Rave Un2 the Year 2000” concert at Paisley Park.
Everyone watched in awe as the two rocked out to Lenny’s Classic’s “Fly Away” and “American Woman.”
But, the moment almost didn’t happen.
Lenny was in the Bahamas for Christmas vacation when Prince called to ask him to play the New Year’s Eve show in Minneapolis. Lenny had just gotten off tour and didn’t want to leave the warmth of the Bahamas. Who could blame him? In December 1999, it was snowing in Minneapolis and temperatures were below zero.
But it was Prince so he agreed and chartered a private plane to make the trip. He says Prince kept him awake for two days before the performance.
Kravitz says:

“If you watch the video I seem a little out of it and I’m low-energy. My voice wasn’t really in great form. No excuses, but I stayed up for two days and I was done. I was like, “This guy is a vampire! How does he do it?” His energy was beyond anybody’s energy I’d ever met.”

“The Vault” may contain countless jam sessions between the two musicians.
Lenny Kravitz says spending time at Paisley Park was incredible and Prince recorded everything.
Kravitz told Rolling Stone:

“We’d come up with grooves, just instrumental stuff. He would film it and record it. He called them “mementos” and hand me a cassette when we were done. This is before printing CDs. He’d say, “This is just for you. I have the master tape here and I’m gonna lock it up.
He didn’t want to show people or exploit it. It was just for us. It was a moment we knew about and nobody else. That’s really cool, man. Everything isn’t for business. It’s for the sake of doing it. It’s about the art, the moment, the memory and the experience. I think that’s beautiful.”

Whether we hear any of the vault jam sessions between Prince and Lenny Kravitz remain to be seen. Right now, getting anything cleared at Paisley Park seems to take six court hearings and an act of God.

ref: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/lenny-kravitz-on-prince-i-feel-like-a-piece-of-me-died-20160427



Prince: I’m so lost, no one can find me “Solo”

prince gif come solo

1994’s “Solo” was released on his 15th album “Come”
The track is a poem about loss written by David H. Hwang.
He received a writing co-credit & a Gold album for his efforts but was not paid for his contribution.
The poem was supposed to be part of a stage musical project that was never realized.

So low, the curb looks like a skyscraper
So high, the stars are under me
So quiet, I can hear the blood rushing through my veins
So low, I feel like I’m going insane The angels,
they watch in wonder When you made love to me
Through the rain and the thunder
You cried in ecstacy And you were so kind I felt sorry for all creation
Because at the time, no one was lucky No one was lucky,
no one was lucky as me
And now you’re gone and I just wanna be still So silent,
I’ll just let my senses sleep
It’s going to be so hard to hear my voice
If I ever learn once more to speak
I’m so lost, no one can find me
And I’ve been looking for so long
But now I’m done I’m so low, solo, my name is no-one.

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THE X’S FACE #PRINCE Released March 2015

The song is featured on his thirty-eighth studio album “Hit n Run Phase One.” The album was first released exclusively on the Tidal on September 7, 2015.
So, which X is he talking about?
Who knows! #Prince has too many to count.

#Prince used a banana analogy in “Let’s Go Crazy” with the line “Look for the purple banana til they put us in the truck.”
He references a banana again in “X’s Face.”
The lyric: “Go on and take that banana, take it. Get it, I said you can have it” sounds like he’s calling his X a promiscuous opportunist & that she was way too busy being vicious to realize she was being set up.

Have you heard any other interpretations?

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Watch “Who Needs Enemies When You’ve Got Friends (Nice Cast 2UR Smart Screen TV)” on YouTube


A few months ago or maybe it was years,
twas a heartbreak, so many tears
How is she gonna make it out here on her own
A body like that should never be alone
A kiss on the stairway, another man’s embrace
How was she to know just what was taking place
Too busy with the jugular and how it tastes
To remember what she saw in the x’s face
The x’s face
The x’s face
Long time ago or maybe yesterday
You and I in a chariot on our way
To a purple celebration from what we learn
That for every battle won there are scars and burns
For every broken heart there is another will mend
Who needs enemies when you’ve got friends
For every open door there is something in the way
last time we checked it was the x’s face
The x’s face
Everybody know about the x’s face
Black don’t crack, beige don’t age
Gone take that banana then get back to your cage
Oh lawd

The x’s face
Gone and take that banana, take it
The ex’s face
Get it, I said you can have it
The x’s face

Nona Gaye & The Scandalous One #Prince4ever

Prince has had a long and storied relationship history to say the least.
He had charisma, confidence, and good looks; along with the Rock-Star status that would’ve made any woman melt.  Before his two marriages, Prince had a harem of beautiful girlfriends, but his tryst with the gorgeous Nona Gaye was especially memorable.
The olive-skinned beauty is the daughter of singer Marvin Gaye.  She says she started dating Prince in the early 90’s when she was 18. There are numerous photos of the two together at public events. But Prince was well-known as a serial dater and never seemed to limit himself to just one relationship at a time. His relationship with Nona stood out because both seemed to have a tragic family history of dysfunction and loss. In some ways Nona seemed a bit more real than some of ladies who came before her.  Nona’s exquisite features mixed with her bronzed cheekbones made her a natural beauty and a strong force Prince just couldn’t pass up.

Nona Gaye Matrix Wiki

Nona says ‘I just thought he was beautiful’ and she fell for him as most women did.
Prince worked his magic spell in an attempt to capture Nona’s wide-eyed innocence.
Although they dated for three years, Nona says she never really knew the man she was dating.
When asked about her relationship with Prince, Nona told Esquire Magazine:
“I was seventeen, eighteen. It was very strange, a whirlwind of head trips and mind screws. Three years I dated him and didn’t know him and really never let him know me, either…”

Nona had fallen in love with the Scandalous One and says when they broke up her ‘heart was shattered’.  Her story is gut-wrenching and familiar for any woman who has ever had her heart-broken. She is among a long line of Prince beauties who ended up in the same sorority of a once red-hot relationship that quickly cooled into the bone chilling exile of heartbreak.
Prince had reportedly proposed to Nona before breaking up with her. The worst blow was the way she found out that the man she was in love with had chosen another.
Prince invited Nona to a show and she quickly figured things out when she saw Mayte wearing an engagement ring.
The entire thing was upsetting and devastating to say the least. Nona says that she was shocked when she found out that Prince and Mayte were engaged. To make matters worse, she says Prince didn’t tell her about the engagement and she had to hear about it second-hand.
There were rumors that Prince ended their relationship because of Nona’s drug use. When asked if she ever got caught up in doing drugs Nona was quoted in Esquire magazine saying:
“I had a very, very dark, murky period, and that was part of the time that I took off from my career, to get my life in order and get sober.”
…I indulged in a lot of things. But I realized nothing good was going to come to me until I cleaned up my act. I got sober and found out I was pregnant not too long after with my son, Nolan. I’m so past feeling like I need to alter my mind to have a good time. My son alters my mind; he makes me high.”

During the three years Nona and Prince dated she recorded four songs with him; “Love Sign” and “A Woman’s Gotta Have It.” Nona also recorded two unreleased tracks  “1000 Hugs and Kisses” and “Snowman”.

As an actress, Gaye is best known for her role as Zee in “The Matrix Reloaded” and “The Matrix Revolutions” in 2003.  Aaliyah was originally cast for the role but shortly after filming began Aaliyah was killed in a plane crash after she and  her production crew finished filming the music video for the single “Rock the Boat”.

Prince and Nona Gaye had an unconventional relationship but despite the heartbreak her love for him remains.  You can hear the love in Nona Gaye’s voice as she shares her memories of Prince during an interview with TV-One on the day after his death.
She says “I’d never experienced anything like him, and I never will again. He was amazing and one of a kind and we’ve lost an incredibly wonderful and talented man… an icon.”

What do you think about Nona’s love story with Prince? Have something to add?

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The Mystery behind “The Black Album”: One of the Most Bootlegged Prince Albums ever recorded

Do you remember how you first heard of “The Black Album?”

In 1987, it became one of the most bootlegged albums ever.  This after Prince pulled the plug on the project one week before it was set to be released. The problem was most promotional copies had already gone out and the album became an exclusive sought-after item that fans searched for like buried treasure. Fans weren’t sure if Warner Brothers or Prince scrapped the project, they just wanted to hear whatever was being hidden from them.

Image result for prince in all black album

I first heard of “The Black Album” through a childhood friend who made a bootleg cassette for me.

Side A

  1. 1. LE GRIND (6:42)
  2. 2. CINDY C. (6:12)
  3. 3. DEAD ON IT (4:35)
  4. 4. WHEN 2 R IN LOVE (4:12)

Side B

  1. 5. BOB GEORGE (5:36)
  3. 7. 2 NIGS UNITED 4 WEST COMPTON (7:00)

I listened with wide eyes, a confused look, and a wrinkled brow.   I kept thinking there must be some mistake because I didn’t hear his signature sound or voice. I kept wondering what type of space he had to be in to write some of the lyrics.

I chuckled during “Bob George” and jammed to “Cindy C.”

I played “When 2 R in Love” over and over while I sketched and painted my original artwork in my bedroom.  “Superfunkycalifragisexy” was also great background music for my creativity but I dare not play any of it without headphones.  My parents already didn’t want me listening to Prince and I thought “The Black Album” would’ve pushed them over the edge!

“Honey, you see these pumps?” became one of my new catchphrases from “2 Nigs United 4 West Compton.” The line delivery came with all the attitude I could muster, and then I always laughed, partly because only my fellow purple family knew what the hell I was talking about.

I packed “The Black Album” away quickly as Prince released new material and I heard that he didn’t support the album.  However, I couldn’t stop listening to “When 2 R in Love.”

There has been speculation on how to market “The Black Album” for re-release.  I think perhaps I’d throw live recordings & an extra track from the Vault on a re-release. I’d then drop breadcrumbs on social media and allow fans to find it organically as an exclusive sale on Tidal or as an overseas release only. People are always ravenous for an exclusive item they don’t have access to and will go through hell and high water to get it.

Prince was very savvy about marketing and restricting access to drive demand. It didn’t always work but when it did, it was explosive. Just look at his legacy and the ravenously loyal fams who will never let him go.  I’m one of them.

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Prince Represents Everything We All Want To Be

It’s one thing to like “Purple Rain” and “When Doves Cry” or to sing along to “Let’s Go Crazy” or to cherish the “Black Album.”
It’s cool to declare super-fam “Purple-Army” status, host a tribute page, and to own his entire catalog.
Thousands of loyalists have done that and more while making pilgrimages to Paisley Park. But let me tell you why I really respect and see him as an inspiration, a genius, and the greatest artist of our time.
Prince says learning to play the guitar was not easy for him and yet he became an undeniable force known worldwide and made playing music look effortless.


Prince was the son of a jazz singer and a jazz musician. He was always around music. But Prince’s stern father told him not to touch the piano while he was in the house because he wasn’t as good as him. Of course that only sparked Prince’s interest even more.
During a 1985 interview, Prince told Rolling Stone:
“My father left his piano at the house when he left, and I wasn’t allowed to play it when he was there because I wasn’t as good as him. So when he left, I was determined to get as good as him, and I taught myself how to play music, and I just stuck with it, and I did it all the time.”
Prince was only seven-years-old when he wrote his first song. “Funk Machine” was written on the very piano he was determined to play better than his father.
Not only did Prince learn the piano, he learned several different instruments alone in the music room after school and he practiced for hours. He mastered those instruments and played 27 of them on his debut album “For You” in 1979.

Prince was bullied in school but he was a fighter. He was thin and shy as a child and had suffered with epilepsy from birth.
“I used to have seizures when I was young,” he said. “From that point, I’ve been having to deal with a lot of things, getting teased in school. And early in my career I tried to compensate by being as flashy and as noisy as I could.”

Nothing was handed to him. One of his classmates: Elizabeth Fuller says “he spent most of his time in the music room, playing guitar to himself”. At age 13 he met a musician who was dating his cousin and grilled him on music publishing, copyright, performing rights, and other real life lessons he couldn’t find in any book.
A local Minneapolis producer also noticed him when he was hanging out in a recording studio after the regular band took a break to get ice cream.
He watched in awe as the teenage Prince picked up
the bass guitar, piano, and drums and expertlt played one after the other.
He was self-taught and no one had given him a break or even encouraged him. The Nelson family didn’t have much money when Prince was growing up and sometimes he didn’t eat. In fact, in an interview with Rolling Stone Prince says;
“We used to go to that McDonald’s there…I didn’t have any money, so I’d just stand outside there and smell stuff.
Poverty makes people angry, brings out their worst side. I was very bitter when I was young. I was insecure and I’d attack anybody. I couldn’t keep a girlfriend for two weeks. We’d argue about anything.”


Prince  once danced with James Brown after his family lifted him onto the stage at a concert. Prince’s parents divorced when Prince was 8.
His mother’s new husband took him to several James Brown shows and Prince saw how things worked back-stage.
But Prince didn’t have a great relationship with his step-father. In fact, his mother ended up giving him a stack of Playboy magazines to teach him about sex.
Shortly after that a 12-year old Prince was sent to his biological father’s house to live and was kicked out months later after being caught with a girl in his room.
Prince told Rolling Stone he sat in a phone booth for hours following a fight with his ‘strict and unforgiving father’ over the incident.
“I called my dad and begged him to take me back after he kicked me out,” Prince said. “He said no, so I called my sister and asked her to ask him. So she did, and afterward told me that all I had to do was call him back, tell him I was sorry, and he’d take me back. So I did, and he still said no. I sat crying at that phone booth for two hours. That’s the last time I cried.”

At 19 he became the youngest artist signed to Warner Brothers. They allowed him to sign a contract giving him almost complete artistic control which was unheard of.
Prince was a workaholic and could go without sleep for days while he was working on new music because he was doing something he loved.
From the start, his dedication was unquestionable. He once sacked a keyboard player for looking at his watch during a rehearsal.

He was a musical genius and taught himself to play a wide array of instruments in several genres. He has written hits in country, pop, r&b and rock. Also Prince could write in a woman’s voice or a man’s voice. His engineer Susan Rogers says he always thought about the audience. Rogers says: “Prince was smart enough to realize that he wasn’t making records to signify something about himself. He was making records to allow listeners to fantasize about themselves. He used to say, “It’s not about me. It’s about the listener. When they see me, they’re seeing a version of themselves that they’re interested in.” He was able to then suppress his own individual ego and, wanting to be liked as an individual, he allowed himself to be a vehicle for our fantasies.”


Prince came from humble beginnings but was determined to crush any obstacle in his way, including Warner Brothers who eventually represented the strict father who prohibited him from playing the piano.
But aside from being a downright awesome musical genius, Prince represents everything we all want to be; fearless, confident, and aggressive while possessing a natural talent that cannot be ignored despite our race, sex, or social standing